The name Septa is the Latin prefix describing the number 7, which is representative of the number of family partners owning the company. The name does not associate with any particular business function, thus allowing us to venture into a number of sectors and keeping the brand unified.

The logo represents each partner with a sail; the red sail represents our only female partner.​


             SEPTA HOLDING L.L.C.



Equipped with passion, dedication and perseverance we enjoy pushing the boundaries of our own expectations. We have an appetite for growth and are hungry to succeed in what we do.

My goal is to implement -to the best of my knowledge- professional, robust management to contain all business and family-business inherent risks. It is my intention to do this without jeopardizing our ethical values and continually add value to all participating stakeholders.

My ambition is to support a company that will succeed at its endeavors and create economic and social progress. I believe, this can only be achieved by teamwork and the joint efforts of all parties we are in direct and indirect contact with.

It is our personal responsibility to try to do our best to help develop our nation. If each of us is faithful to their respective roles then surely this can be accomplished.

Mishal A. Alghuneim


- Continuously seek passion in what we do

- Persevere through rough times

- Accommodate positive change

- Promote and implement ethical decisions in every aspect of our business

- Stay fair to our clients, employees, owners and all other stake holders



Septa Holding LLC is a family owned Limited Liability Company registered in Saudi Arabia. The company was formed in 2011 to create a platform for managing the existing and future family investments. The company takes the role of a holding company by owning and managing a number of subsidiaries/joint ventures operating under its umbrella.

As a holding company we are keen on growing and diversifying the portfolio of companies we manage. We always keep a keen eye for opportunities as they arise. We are prudent, yet embrace calculated bold risks. We are entrepreneurs at heart, by believing and developing ideas until they become reality.

In summary, Invest in our present for the future is what we do.​